5 Best Shoe Inserts to Eliminate Foot Odor in 2024

Are your feet constantly battling an unpleasant odor, no matter how often you change your socks? Don't worry – you're not alone. Foot odor is a common issue that affects many people, but the good news is there are effective solutions available. In 2024, leading shoe insert brands have developed a range of innovative products designed to eliminate foot odor and keep your feet feeling fresh all day long. From activated charcoal to baking soda, these inserts utilize cutting-edge technology to tackle the root cause of the problem. Discover which one could be the game-changer you've been searching for.

Odor-Eaters Blue Unisex Shoe Insoles, Control Odor and Wetness

If you struggle with persistent foot odor, the Odor-Eaters Blue Unisex Shoe Insoles are designed to provide long-lasting protection and control odor and wetness in your shoes. These insoles contain super-activated charcoal, baking soda, and zinc oxide to effectively combat unpleasant foot odors. They also feature odor-blocking technologies that draw in perspiration, keeping your feet dry.

The insoles offer extra cushioning and durability, making them a comfortable and long-lasting solution. While most users praise the insoles' effectiveness in odor control, some have mentioned issues with the thickness and fit in certain shoe sizes. It's essential to ensure your feet are dry before use and replace the insoles when they start to deteriorate.

Overall, the Odor-Eaters Blue Unisex Shoe Insoles are a reliable option to tackle foot odor and keep your shoes fresh.

Best For: Those seeking a reliable solution to combat persistent foot odor and keep their shoes fresh.


  • Effectively controls odor and wetness
  • Provides extra cushioning and durability
  • Easy to apply and replace


  • May not fit well in smaller shoe sizes
  • Can slip out of shoes or bunch up underfoot
  • Some users find them slightly inconvenient

NonScents Shoe Deodorizer 4-Pack (8 Count)

For the active, health-conscious user, the NonScents Shoe Deodorizer 4-Pack (8 Count) offers a convenient, long-lasting solution to eliminate persistent odors in various types of footwear, from sneakers to ski boots.

This eco-conscious product uses natural compounds to rapidly neutralize odors, providing up to 6 months of freshness per pair. Users rave about its effectiveness, and while some note an initial chlorine-like scent, it dissipates over time, proving tolerable compared to the unwanted foot odors.

Designed for easy, mess-free use, the pouches can be placed in shoes, gym bags, and sports equipment, making it a multipurpose odor solution.

With an impressive 5/5 star rating, this product comes highly recommended for athletes and everyday wearers seeking to keep their gear odor-free and fresh.

Best For: Athletes, active individuals, and those seeking a long-lasting, eco-conscious solution to eliminate persistent odors in various types of footwear.


  • Rapid odor neutralization for shoes, sneakers, cleats, boots, and more
  • Long-lasting freshness for up to 6 months per pair
  • Multipurpose odor solution for gym bags, lockers, and sports equipment


  • Initial chlorine-like scent that may be off-putting to some users
  • Potential need for storage in well-ventilated areas
  • May not completely eliminate very strong or persistent odors

6 Pair Pack Anti Odour Shoe Insoles with Odor Eating Charcoal

These 6-pair anti-odor shoe insoles with odor-eating charcoal provide effective odor control and comfort for those seeking a durable, yet affordable solution to foot odor.

The activated charcoal effectively absorbs and neutralizes odors, while the perforated design promotes air circulation and moisture wicking for enhanced breathability. Customers have praised the insoles' softness and cushioning, which can fit a variety of shoe sizes up to 30 cm.

However, some users have reported durability issues, with a few pairs falling apart quickly. Nevertheless, the general consensus is that these insoles offer great value for money, with many recommending using two per shoe for optimal results.

Overall, these charcoal insoles are a convenient and customizable way to keep your feet fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Best For: Those seeking an affordable and customizable solution to combat foot odor in a variety of shoe types.


  • Effectively absorbs and neutralizes odors with activated charcoal
  • Promotes air circulation and moisture wicking for enhanced breathability
  • Soft, cushioned, and adjustable to fit a wide range of shoe sizes


  • Durability concerns, with some pairs falling apart quickly
  • Recommendations to use two insoles per shoe for better results
  • Limited feedback on long-term performance and longevity

Dr. Scholls Stay Odor-Free & Dry Comfort Insoles

The Dr. Scholls Stay Odor-Free & Dry Comfort Insoles are ideal for individuals who struggle with persistent foot odor and perspiration, providing all-day freshness and odor control through their unique charcoal and baking soda infused design.

Users rave about the insoles' effectiveness in eliminating foot odor and keeping feet dry, even during heavy-duty use and constant movement. The comfortable foam cushioning and activated charcoal work together to absorb sweat, while baking soda neutralizes odors.

Durability and comfort are also praised, making these insoles a worthwhile investment. To maintain their effectiveness, users recommend removing the insoles at the end of the day and rotating them if wearing the same shoes consistently.

With doctor-recommended support and compatibility with most shoes, these insoles are a game-changer for tackling stubborn foot odor.

Best For: Individuals who struggle with persistent foot odor and perspiration and are looking for an effective solution to keep their feet fresh and dry throughout the day.


  • Effectively eliminates foot odor and keeps feet dry
  • Durable and comfortable for heavy-duty use and constant movement
  • Doctor-recommended and compatible with most shoes


  • Some users report discrepancies in the number of inserts received compared to what was expected
  • May need to be removed at the end of the day for optimal sweat absorption
  • Rotating the insoles daily if wearing the same shoes consistently is recommended

Odor Eaters Insoles Ultra-Durable (3 Pack)

Designed for hard-working individuals seeking long-lasting odor control and plush comfort, the Odor Eaters Insoles Ultra-Durable (3 Pack) offer a powerful solution against foot odor. These insoles boast advanced features like super-activated charcoal, baking soda, and odor-blockers to eliminate even the toughest smells.

With cloud-like cushioning and moisture-wicking materials, they'll keep your feet feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. Whether you're on your feet for work or working up a sweat, these durable insoles are built to last, providing long-lasting odor protection.

While some users noted a narrowness at the arch, the universal fit and trimmable design allow for easy customization. Overall, the Odor Eaters Insoles deliver effective odor control and support, making them a worthy investment for those seeking relief from persistent foot odor.

Best For: Hard-working individuals looking for long-lasting odor control and plush comfort in their footwear.


  • Advanced odor-fighting technology with super-activated charcoal, baking soda, and odor-blockers
  • Cloud-like cushioning and moisture-wicking materials for all-day comfort
  • Durable construction and universal fit with customizable sizing


  • Some customers reported a narrowness at the arch area
  • Mixed reviews on the overall effectiveness of odor elimination
  • Suggestions that the product may be overpriced for its quality

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shoe Inserts for Smelly Feet

When choosing shoe inserts to tackle foot odor, you'll want to consider the insert's odor-absorbing materials, breathability and moisture control, cushioning and support, fit and customization, and long-lasting effectiveness.

These features can make a significant difference in keeping your feet fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Evaluate each of these factors closely to find the right inserts that address your specific needs and provide lasting relief from unwanted foot odor.

Odor-Absorbing Materials

Effectively combating foot odor starts with choosing shoe inserts engineered to absorb and neutralize the bacteria responsible for the problem. Look for inserts containing activated charcoal, baking soda, or zinc oxide – these natural ingredients have proven effective at trapping and neutralizing odor-causing microbes.

You'll also want inserts made with moisture-wicking materials to keep your feet dry, preventing the growth of stinky bacteria and fungi.

For maximum odor control, opt for inserts with built-in antimicrobial properties. These will inhibit the spread of the microorganisms contributing to foot odor. Breathable materials like perforated foam or mesh promote air circulation, further reducing moisture and odor buildup.

Breathability and Moisture Control

Breathability and air circulation within shoe inserts are key factors to consider when looking to combat persistent foot odor. Moisture buildup is a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria, so inserts that promote airflow and wick away sweat can make all the difference.

Look for inserts with perforations or ventilation channels that allow air to circulate freely, preventing the moist, stuffy environment that fungi and bacteria thrive in.

Moisture-wicking materials are also essential, as they'll keep your feet dry and comfortable, reducing the likelihood of smelly feet. The more effective the moisture control, the fresher and more pleasant your foot environment will be.

Breathable, well-ventilated inserts don't just combat odor – they can also help prevent fungal infections and other foot health issues. When selecting the right shoe inserts, prioritize those that offer superior breathability and moisture management to banish foot odor for good.

Cushioning and Support

In addition to promoting breathability and moisture control, the cushioning and support provided by shoe inserts can also play a crucial role in combating persistent foot odor. Look for inserts that offer adequate cushioning to prevent discomfort and reduce fatigue.

The proper support from these inserts can help alleviate pressure points and improve overall foot health. Be sure to choose inserts with arch support to maintain proper foot alignment and reduce strain on the feet.

Consider inserts with cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas to enhance shock absorption and reduce the impact on your feet. For extra comfort and support, especially if you have foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, opt for inserts with additional padding or gel inserts.

Fit and Customization

When selecting shoe inserts to combat foot odor, ensure the fit is just right. Look for inserts that are trimmable or customizable to your specific shoe size for maximum comfort and effectiveness. This will allow you to create a tailored solution that perfectly suits your feet and shoes, whether you're wearing sneakers, boots, or any other footwear.

It's also important to consider the overall adjustability of the inserts. Choose ones that offer a universal fit or can be easily adjusted to accommodate different shoe types. This flexibility will ensure you can use the same inserts across your entire shoe collection, simplifying your foot odor solution.

Long-Lasting Effectiveness

Ensuring long-lasting effectiveness is crucial when choosing shoe inserts to combat foot odor. Look for inserts infused with powerful odor-fighting ingredients like activated charcoal or baking soda. These natural elements will continuously neutralize odors and keep your feet smelling fresh all day long.

Don't settle for inserts that lose their potency after a few wears – opt for durable, moisture-wicking materials that maintain their odor-control properties over time.

When reviewing inserts, check user feedback to gauge how well they perform over extended use. Some products may seem effective initially but fail to provide consistent odor protection. Prioritize inserts specifically designed to combat foot odor and wetness for a reliable, long-lasting solution.

With the right shoe inserts, you can bid farewell to stinky feet and enjoy all-day freshness, even during your most active days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shoe Inserts Effective for All Types of Foot Odor?

Shoe inserts may not be effective for all types of foot odor. Their effectiveness depends on the underlying cause of the odor, your individual foot health, and the specific design and materials of the inserts. It's best to consult a podiatrist.

Can Shoe Inserts Be Used for Both Indoor and Outdoor Activities?

Absolutely! Shoe inserts can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. They provide comfort, support, and help manage foot odor in a variety of environments. Whether you're at the gym or out on a hike, shoe inserts can help.

How Often Should Shoe Inserts Be Replaced for Maximum Effectiveness?

You should replace your shoe inserts every 3-6 months for maximum effectiveness. This ensures they continue absorbing moisture and providing cushioning to prevent odor-causing bacteria buildup. Replacing them regularly keeps your feet feeling fresh and supported.

Can Shoe Inserts Cause Any Adverse Reactions or Skin Irritation?

While shoe inserts are generally safe, they can sometimes cause skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. It's important to choose inserts made with hypoallergenic materials and discontinue use if you experience any adverse reactions.

Are There Any Natural Remedies to Eliminate Foot Odor Besides Inserts?

You can try natural remedies like tea tree oil, baking soda, or apple cider vinegar to help eliminate foot odor without using inserts. These natural ingredients can help absorb moisture and reduce bacteria that cause unpleasant foot odors.


You can't go wrong with any of these top 5 shoe inserts to combat foot odor in 2024. They all utilize effective ingredients like activated charcoal, baking soda, and zinc oxide to neutralize odor-causing bacteria.

With customizable fits, durable materials, and long-lasting effectiveness, these inserts offer a comprehensive solution to keep your feet fresh and dry throughout the day.